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Our Business conglomerate is diversified into different ways, and we set the epitome of the best quality and satisfaction. In recycling business, we are committed to making our world greener by working with other companies investing in the latest technology in turning waste papers into use, which will in turn save us from deforestation, prevent erosion, preserve the ecosystem and create more employment in green energy and aid advancement in robust research in technology (recycling).


We procure metal scrap and telephone exchanger sponge around the globe, melt it under required temperature in furnace, and extract the largest content of the major element that could between 96% - 99% purity.


After melting the metal scrap, they are made in block form and each piece could weigh between 40kg - 46kg. We have the capacity to supply multiple tons in quantity of ingots that include copper, aluminum, vanadium, lead, silicon, molybdenum, iron etc.


We offer the best quality and price. Our prices are often determined by London Metal Exchange.


We procure and supply Metal scraps fro and to anywhere in the world ranging from West Africa, North Africa, Asia, Europe and the US.





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